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Punching Bag Stitches Wants $100,000 Boxing Match With The Game



If you’re still taking Stitches seriously, this article is for you and you alone. The rapper turned punching-bag is begging Compton’s most famous Instagram model The Game to fight him in a celebrity boxing match sponsored by promoter, Damon Feldman.

Stitches has been trying to go fisticuffs with his rival for months, and those efforts reached a pinnacle weeks ago when he tried to confront Game outside a Miami nightclub only to be knocked out by the rapper’s manager, Wack 100. Stitches was then jumped days later by his own crew after he claims The Game paid them to do so.

In his latest online crusade to secure a one on one showdown with the former G-Unit artist, Stitches posted a video clip on his Instagram explaining how Damon Feldman could really make the fight happen.

In another clip posted hours ago, Stitches continued calling out The Game who is yet to respond. “Accept that fight boy. Show everybody you can step in that paint. Show everybody you 100. You say you gonna put those hands on me, I wanna see you do it then,” he says in the IG video.

Would you pay to watch these two fight or have you seen enough of Stitches catching fades?

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