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Jidenna’s been riding the “Classic Man” wave for quite some time. We even asked him how he was going to avoid the ‘one hit wonder’ trap (see interview above). But now, finally, the talented singer is releasing the new visuals to his Vevo-exclusive song “Long Live The Chief”.

If you didn’t know already, then we’re happy to tell you that Jidenna got bars! Seriously, the Classic Man is a beast on the mic. That fact was truly evident when he dropped “Long Live The Chief” on Vevo. The initial video was a live performance with his DJ, but now, on the heels of his Wondaland crew’s one year anniversary Jidenna is giving his “Jenerals” a treat.

“In the coming days, I’m sharing a few tokens of gratitude with my loyal fanbase, the Jenerals. Today, we begin with this video for the fan favorite, “Long Live the Chief,” Jidenna stated in a press release. “The video for “Long Live The Chief” represents the passing away of the old archetype of the king to make way for the new, the chief.”

Take a look and let us know what you think.

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Reports: Chante Moore Accused Of Financing New Album With Stolen Money



Looks like Chante Moore has got some explaining to do!

The “Chante’s Got A Man” singer is being looped in a messy fraud and racketeering case that essentially led to two men claiming they were defrauded out of $3.6 million.

According to reports, the former “R&B Divas: LA” star knowingly accepted money that was fraudulently obtained by a criminal enterprise and using it to produce her latest album and artificially inflate her sales.

The two men are have filed a lawsuit and claim the defendants used some of their money to buy Moore plane tickets for her musical tour, lavish her with gifts, fund the production of and marketing campaign for her seventh album, “The Rise of the Phoenix,” and even to “pay off her significant personal debt.”

They also claim their money was used to open a hair bar in Georgia, and buy a house.

The plaintiffs say Moore knew the money was obtained illegally and the investments made into her career “were designed in whole or in part to conceal or disguise the nature, the location, the source, the ownership, and the control of the proceeds” of the alleged illegal activity.

It gets even messier though. The two men also claim the money was used to “artificially enhance” her album sales through iTunes purchases. Since they believe their money was used to “directly used to finance the launching of Moore’s latest resurgence effort with her new album, including all advertising and marketing efforts put forth therewith,” they believe they are entitled to any profits from the record.

If you’re wondering what Moore has to say about the situation, she is denying the allegations and wants the case thrown out.

Back in July we caught up with Moore who gushed about her new album and not feeling pressure to stay relevant in the changing music climate.

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