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Lamar Odom Is “Struggling” Two Months After Hospitalization



Two months after being found unconscious inside a Nevada brothel, Lamar Odom is fighting to get back to good health, unfortunately, sources claim the former NBA player is “struggling.”

It’s was no secret that Odom would have a long road to recovery, however, sources are telling E! News that progress is slow. “He has not spoken in the halls during his therapy,” a source tells the news outlet. “It appears he can’t walk on his own. He has a walker that he does short walks with the aid of therapists.”

The insider adds, “He always is struggling. I saw the other day he got tired after a short session in the walker and had to be transferred back to his wheel chair.”

Odom is currently recovering at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles where he was transported several days after being found unresponsive. Odom has been being treated for an apparent drug overdose and apparently has severe brain damage.

But while the 36-year-old continues to recover, his wife, Khloe Kardashian, is keeping his spirits lifted high. According to reports, Kardashian vists Odom “frequently.”

We are sending good vibes to Lamar.

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