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Gilbert Arenas Ignites Firestorm After Suggesting WNBA Players Wear Thongs



Gilbert Arenas has an idea he believes will increase the WNBA’s viewership: thongs. The former NBA star posted a video on Instagram this week showing two women playing basketball in their underwear. “Now this is what America was hoping for when they announced the #WNBA back in 1996 … not a bunch of chicks running around looking like cast members from Orange Is The New Black,” he captioned the video.

Gilbert’s commentary may have been funny to some, but it left hundreds of people furious. Shortly after the post went viral, folks took to Twitter and the former Washington Wizard’s Instagram comments section to admonish him for remarks they deemed offensive and sexist.

Following the backlash, an unapologetic Arenas posted another message on his IG defending his suggestion and doubling down on WBNA players revealing their “bodies” to the world.

“People act like I said some sh*t thats just down right sexist and rude. Straight men are attracted to women, RIGHT? Men are 80 percent of sport viewers, RIGHT? … I don’t care if you don’t like the truth because MEN DON’T WANNA WATCH WOMEN ACT LIKE MEN. If they came out with an all gay man sport, I bet they will wear less clothes than the WNBA and that’s a FACT. NOW GIVE US WHAT WE WANT and unveil them bodies. SEXINESS RUNS THIS WORLD. If you’re selling sex, MEN are buying. I’ve never seen a man hooker trying to pick up women on the corner.”

Well, OK then. Agent 0 clearly will not be singing a different tune anytime soon, but does he have a point? We want to hear from you all. Is Gilbert completely out of his mind, or right on when he says WNBA players are too masculine and need to sexy it up? Let us know your thoughts.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rocktivity

    December 16, 2015 at 6:42 PM

    Male pro athletes are EXPECTED to play their best, not LOOK their best. Otherwise it stops being athletics and starts being prostitution. Sexiness runs this world? Yeah, both ways.

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