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Free At Last? Apollo Nida Gets An Early Release … Kinda.



Early is the operative word.

Last year, Apollo Nida reported to prison (a day late), ready to serve his eight year sentence for numerous fraud charges. But, now it looks like the felon has caught a break — two actually!

According to RadarOnline, the Real Housewives of Atlanta husband has been moved to a low-security institution for male inmates. While initially serving his time at Kentucky’s FMC Lexington, Nida has now been transferred to FCI Fort Dix correctional facility in New Jersey. He also won’t have to do his full eight year sentence. The Bureau of Prisons claims his release date is August 29, 2020, which is just about six years from when he turned himself in.

Looks like Jesus fixed it! Although, now that he’s in New Jersey, it’s even less likely that his estranged wife, ‘RHOA’ star Phaedra Parks, will make the trek and take their two boys to see him.

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