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Exclusive: You’ll Never Guess How Long It Took Jidenna To Write ‘Long Live The Chief’



Jidenna has been very vocal about building his success this year on essentially one single, “Classic Man.” But what you might not know, is there another side to the Nigerian singer / rapper.

Six months ago, the 30-year-old released a track for Vevo called “Long Live the Chief” and it adds another layer to the man we know today. While it’s not available to download, the visual has garnered over 1 million views and growing. And you just might be shocked to learn how long it took the rapper to write the song.

“We made that song in a day because we wanted to do something special for a little Vevo live performance,” he told HipHollywood exclusively. “I wrote the verse in a hotel, performed it for a Vevo performance and then it became like a little underground classic. As “Classic Man” was the A side, that became the B side.”

The style is incredibly different than “Classic Man” so we can’t help but wonder: Does Jidenna prefer side A or side B? “I wouldn’t be a full human being without an A and a B side so I love both side. The B side is near and dear to me because that’s where I started as a rapper. That was my first edging point into music.”

Moving forward “You are going to hear a lot of swanky jams that incorporate both melody and straight up traditional rap. Then a little bit of the spice that I like to call, the world spice because I’m a traveling man so I like to incorporate that in my recipe.”

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