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Donald Trump Supporter Tells Security To Light A Black Man On Fire



Donald Trump rallies continue to bring out some of Earth’s most despicable residents, like the neo-nazi in the making who called on security to set a #BlackLivesMatters protestor on fire.

The incident happened on Monday night at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino. As security guards attempted to remove the disruptive protestor from the rally, an attendee yelled, “Light the motherf*cker on fire!” Other disgusting things uttered from people’s mouths include “Kick his ass!” and “Shoot him!” And of course, because like we said earlier, these people are neo-nazis in the making, “Sieg Heil!”

In all, there were more than six protestors removed from the rally. There’s video of some of the incidents below:

And there was also a guy kicked out, well, because he’s Muslim and all Muslims are persona-non-grata at Trump events.

Stay classy, America. Make your children proud.

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