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The goddess Miss Erykah On & On Badu just finished one of the most epic online fan question and answer chats of all-time … OF ALL TIME! Badu hopped on reddit last night for nearly five hours answering questions about everything from Childish Gambino’s body odor to the sexual appeal of mermaids.

Below are some of the highlights.

1. What you have against Iggy that you had to randomly call her out like that?
i was doing a MONOLOGUE . u know like, jimmy fallon, johnny carson, jay leno….

2. What’s your favorite album of this year? From any genre.
YOU know what, I’m really digging what KID CUDI just put out. Courageous.

3. What kind of tea did you make for Drake?
I made Drake my cinnamon / lime surprise… stirred it in the direction of the planet’s rotation.

4. I stopped listening to you a long time ago due to the racist overtones of your music. From what I have read you don’t care as I am white, I know so many people that love your voice but refuse to listen or support you.
thats too bad. they may have misunderstood, as you have. i am just the opposite. but i was waiting for u to jump out the bushes . lol. news flash : PO is the new black.

5. Hey Erykah, who are your favorite new school rappers?
kids from devine council, earl sweatshirt, thugger, john poppy, wiz,future, kanye still in there,gucci still in there…..

6. What does Gambino smell like?
he smells like a comic book store.

7. I’ve seen people refer to your album “Mama’s Gun” and D’Angelo’s album “Voodoo” as sister albums.
Curious to hear your thoughts on this!
I think that what we have in common is that we both create movements instead of albums.

8. Is your next album going to be similar to your recent mixtape sonically?
No. I don’t believe that to be so. i think all of my works are different since they are truly reflections of where i am at the time.

9. do you think mermaids and mermen are sexy?
absolutely they are sexy.

You can read through the entire five hour chat by clicking here.

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