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#BlackLove’s Monet Bell on Why Black Men Don’t Want Black Women



You may remember Monet Bell from season one of “Married At First Sight”. Her tumultuous relationship with Vaughn Copeland ended in divorce, but that wasn’t the end for the successful New Yorker. Now she’s on a new show, #BlackLove, and is not only looking for love, but is also on a road of self discovery.

#BlackLove follows Bell and her group of girlfriends as they work with experts Jack Daniels and Damona Hoffman to tap into personal struggles while also seeking out successful relationships. For Monet, the journey has been eye opening. “I struggle with being vulnerable and just trusting that if I’m with someone, trusting them to give my emotions over to them, trusting them to take care of me,” Monet told HipHollywood. And although she’s working on that hurdle, she has realized that although she’s been saying she wants a “traditional man” what she really wants is a “gentleman”.

Now that Bell is on “#BlackLove”, it doesn’t mean she isn’t still watching “Married At First Sight”. When this season’s premiere episode aired and it seemed to imply that Black men had no interest in dating Black women, viewers were outraged and Monet was shocked. “There’s no question in my mind that Black men love Black women…but based upon the pool of Black men they were working with, they pool of Black women that wanted Black men outnumbered the pool of Black men that wanted Black women. It boggled my mind because they were in Atlanta!”

You can catch Monet on FYI’s “#BlackLove” Tuesday nights at 10:15/9:15 c.

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  1. sunni_daze

    December 29, 2015 at 12:59 PM

    But is ATL the black gay capital. They probably didn’t want women at all.

  2. Trixibelleschott

    December 30, 2015 at 9:39 PM

    I have watched these shows but must have missed that because I don’t remember black men’s dissatisfaction with black women. I do recall a mixed race Guy’s confusion on why he was matched with a black women, but I think they were very happy in the episodes that followed. I just don’t think the programs this season have any emphasis on that topic. I’d like to see more articles on the actual episodes and the people featured on them. The title and article haven’t generated much discussion and probably not much interest. I hope I haven’t offended the writer because I know she will bring us something more of us want to read and discuss. Thanks for letting me share.

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