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Azealia Banks No Longer In Love With “F*cking Idiot” Donald Trump



Azealia Banks is rescinding her endorsement of fascist GOP presidential hopeful, Donald Trump. Back in September, Banks said she supported Trump’s plan to send Mexican immigrants back to Mexico, and build a “huge wall” to keep more from entering the United States. At the time, Banks fired off this message on Instagram in support of The Donald.

“Do you think it’s bad that I sort of agree with Trump’s stance on immigration? Not for any reason other than black Americans still not having been paid reparations for slavery and the influx [of] INTERNATIONAL immigrants (not just Mexicans), are sucking up state aid, and government money, space in schools, quality of life etc.?? It’s selfish, but America has been really good at convincing me that everyone else’s problems are more important than my own. I want my f*****g money!!…Me first!!!…Thoughts?”

Now it seems the controversial singer has had a change of heart. After the businessman with bad hair announced this week that the United States government should ban all Muslims from entering the country, Banks tweeted that Trump was embarrassing her and others who share their Gemini astrological sign:

No word on if Trump cares.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Don Ho

    December 11, 2015 at 12:06 PM

    this is a non story and she looks insane. who the fuck is an azalea banks?

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