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Azealia Banks Arrested After Biting Bouncer’s Boob During Scuffle



Troubled singer Azealia Banks is being accused of biting a security guard’s boob during a scuffle at a New York City nightclub. Page Six reports that the singer was arrested and remains behind bars following the December 16th incident at the trendy Manhattan hotspot, Up & Down.

According to a witness, Banks became livid after she was denied entry into a private party because bouncers didn’t recognize her. “It was an invite-only party,” the source tells Page Six. “You needed a stamp to get in.” The rapper was “screaming at the top of her lungs” and cursing before spitting in the [female bouncer’s] face and biting her breast.

The source claims Banks later “punched” the female security guard right in front of NYPD before questioning their decision to put the cuffs on her. “Why are you arresting me?” she allegedly mouthed as she was placed in a squad car.

Banks is facing a misdemeanor charge of third-degree assault and is being held at New York’s Sixth Precinct for evaluation.

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