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This lady is our new hero!

In the best petty political move of the year, a Black woman sat behind Donald Trump at his own rally in Springfield, Illinois on Monday and spent the entire time reading. But she wasn’t reading just any old book, it was “Citizen: An American Lyric” by Claudia Rankine, a book of poetry focused on race in America. Irony at it’s finest!

But, she wasn’t able to just enjoy her silent protest in peace. Some entitled couple behind her thought it was their place to tell her when and where she could read. The even went as far as to tap her on the shoulder and asked her to stop. Oh, but Hero Lady would not be deterred. She responded sternly, whipped that neck back around and continued to make a point with out disturbing anyone around her. Kudos lady, kudos.

Watch the incredible video below. Seriously, who is this lady and can she run for president?

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    November 13, 2015 at 4:55 PM


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‘Married To Medicine’ Reunion Shockers: Dr. Jackie Calls Off Divorce + Dr. G Had An Affair?



The season 5 reunion of Married To Medicine is by far the best and most shocking one to date.  After a season filled with cheating spouses, communication issues and financial woes the ladies dropped some major bombshells about their marriages during their first ever three-part reunion and fans were shook. Here are three moments from part 2 that had us clutching our proverbial pearls.

The moment OBGYN Dr. Simone revealed to the cast that she had filed for a divorce from husband Cecil Whitmore was definitely emotional. All of the ladies – Dr. Jackie, Dr. Contessa, Mariah, Quad Webb-Lunceford, Toya Bush-Harris, and Dr. Heavenly Kimes were in tears and host Andy Cohen looked like he had seen a ghost. According to Simone she and Cecil got into a heated argument over the summer and after he refused to see the marriage counselor and left their home to meet a female friend she filed for divorce.

While fans thought things were over between Dr. Jackie and her husband Curtis Berry after his headline making affair, the couple revealed they were giving their marriage another try. The OB/GYN and two-time breast cancer survivor who initially filed for divorce three days after finding out Berry had a mistress, told Andy that she had filed papers to dissolve the divorce a few days before the reunion taping. 

But the biggest shocker of them all came from Quad Webb-Lunceford and her  husband of five years, Dr. Gregory Lunceford. After going abck and forth about why their marriage seemed to be at a crosswords, Dr. G finally revealed that a year ago while out drinking with some friends he met a women and invited her up to his hotel room to stay the night.
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