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Say What?!? Taye Diggs Doesn’t Want You Calling His Son “Black”



Actor Taye Diggs doesn’t want you referring to his son as “Black.” The actor made that announcement during a recent interview with TheGrio, but does he have a valid argument for opposing the label?

“When you [call biracial kids Black], you risk disrespecting that one half of who you are and that’s my fear,” he explains. “I don’t want my son to be in a situation where he calls himself Black and everyone thinks he has a Black mom and a Black dad, and then they see a white mother, they wonder, ‘Oh, what’s going on?‘”

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The actor discusses race in a new children’s book titled, Mixed Me. Still, his thoughts led to some backlash from folks in the Black community, leading Diggs to take to Instagram just moments ago to clarify his thoughts on the classification subject.


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