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Romeo Miller shared a lengthy letter via Instagram on Tuesday detailing the trials and tribulations of his personal life.

The open note, which Romeo calls his “letter of hope,” went into depth regarding his public issues with his mother, father and his thoughts on the media being the cause of many famous families downfalls.

“My parents’ divorce is very public and has definitely taken a toll on us kids. From rumors of me hiding money to my father kidnapping his kids — from day one I’ve realized that the medias main goal is to sell a story and could care less about the well-being of my family,” Miller wrote.

The 26-year-old went on to explain that he was built to handle the media scrutiny and criticism, but his siblings nor his mother can handle it. That’s when the actor and rapper dropped a major bombshell that his mother, Sonya Miller, served him with a lawsuit.

According to reports, the documents accuse Romeo of helping his father, Master P, in making sure Sonya doesn’t get a certain amount of money in the divorce.

“Today I was SERVED by my own mother and although it hurts, I know that she can’t be 100% behind all of these ridiculous moves but instead is being guided by another’s greed.”

He added, “I haven’t spoken to my mother in months due to advice she’s taking from her lawyers. It sucks because the only reason I’ve worked so hard was to make my mother proud.”

The Royal Family Holiday actor concluded, “The person my life who I love the most, I can’t even talk to. But I truly know and believe that GOD wouldn’t give ANY of us anything we couldn’t handle. Each morning I wake up, I realize that I am not only blessed but it’s another opportunity for hope.”

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Master P nor Sonya has yet to respond to Romeo’s letter.


Over-Zealous Fan Interrupts Jenifer Lewis On The Red Carpet … And It’s Hilarious!



Jenifer Lewis is already a riot … but add a crazy circumstance plus an amped up fan and the interaction is pure gold.

While at the NAACP Image Awards HH chatted with the black-ish actress about her experience with racism in Hollywood. Lewis, who is a legend in La La Land, was giving us an animated answer about how she didn’t have time to worry about losing roles because of her skin color, that is until a fan excitedly interrupted her. Not once, but twice!

Ms. Lewis handled the situation like a pro — but also added a side of shade — and the whole encounter ended up being funny as h*ll!

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