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Laili Ali To Ronda Rousey: Please Don’t Have A Rematch!



The world may have been shocked when Ronda Rousey got her face annihilated by Holly Holm over the weekend, but former boxer Laila Ali wasn’t. “She didn’t shock me. I’m familiar with Holly Holm. She’s a talented boxer, she’s a world champion, she has MMA background and obviously is no chump.”

On Saturday night, millions of people tuned into UFC 193 to witness Rousey versus Holm, a match that ended in the second round with Rousey bloodied and flat on the mat after catching a foot to the side of the head. “It’s obvious who the better fighter was,” Ali told TMZ cameras over the weekend.

Ali claims Rousey is overrated, which is why she got handled the way she did. “In order to be the best in the world, you don’t ever get beat up like that in your prime.”

As for a Rousey versus Holm rematch, Ali thinks somethings are best left dead. “I don’t think she should have a rematch with Holly Holm because it will go the same way or worse.” Ali isn’t the only person who thinks the former UFC champion was overrated. Donald Trump also chimed in on Twitter, writing:

For those of you who missed the fight, you can watch highlights below.

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