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Chiwetel Ejiofor is Madly in Love With Nicole Kidman?



Chiwetel Ejiofor has a thing for Nicole Kidman! Or at least his character does in his new film The Secret in Their Eyes. In the film, the Oscar nominated actor plays a counter terrorism detective on the hunt for his partner’s (Julia Roberts) daughters killer. Kidman plays the district attorney assigned to the case, and in between tracking down the killer the two colleagues form a bond and become quite smitten with each other.

But while Ejiofor has a thing for Kidman in the film, off screen he’s only got eyes for his new girlfriend.  Ejiofor, who was previously dating Canadian actress Sari Mercer, has recently been spotted with a new mystery woman. HipHollywood has learned the woman’s name is Francis, and the pair have been dating since this summer.  Click here for pics of Ejiofor and his new leading lady.

The Secret in Their Eyes Hits theaters November 20th.

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