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Chef Roble and Kenya Moore are an item, so says the Internet. On Monday, the reality TV star posted a picture of herself with the chef, leading some to speculate that the two are an item.

It didn’t take Roble long to address the rumor directly, taking to the image’s comment section to silence the gossip.

“She’s my friend. That’s all. There were five people at dinner. We just took a pic. That’s all,” he wrote.

Things took a bizarre turn in the next sentence of his diatribe as he launched into a tirade about his sexuality.

“I’m not a gay person. Everyone that knows me knows that I am a straight man. If I was gay I’d just be gay and open about it because IDGAF what anybody thinks. A lot of you want me to be gay sooo bad and I don’t understand why. Whatever though. I’m not offended there is nothing wrong with being gay. I’m just not. That just let’s me know that I am successful because that’s the first thing ya’ll always throw at a successful black man. ‘Oh, he’s gay.’ That’s OK. Continue on with your regular lives loping at successful people’s lives from the outside and speculating on what’s going on with them.”

We’re not sure who called Roble gay, provoking his arrogant response, but at least one thing is clear: he’s not dating Kenya Moore.

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