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Stop what you’re doing and read this absolutely insane “true” story about prostitution, stripping, murder and robbery involving two strippers and a series of other quirky and dangerous characters. The tale, revealed in a series of tweets from a woman named Zolar Moon (or Aziah King), has folks on the Internet losing their minds. Before you begin, we want you to know this is the most ratchet story you’ll ever read, but one you’re likely to enjoy from start to finish.


Someone, please turn this into a movie because folks will be lined up opening day to see this on the big screen. Moon’s absolutely crazy tweets have folks on Twitter going gaga with their responses. These are some of our favorites:

A lot of people are questioning the authenticity of the story, and while we cannot confirm all the details, it does appear that Zolar worked at Hooters. We found a picture of her dating back to 2013 in classic chain’s uniform. Flip the page to see that picture along with other flicks of our stripping protagonist.

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 2.08.19 PM

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