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In the most ridiculous story we’ve read this week, MediaTakeOut suggests that Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry is cheating on his wife because he’s in Los Angeles without her. The website also claims a photograph of Curry without his wedding ring on his finger is more evidence.

“The streets say that STEPH CURRY may not be as CRYSTAL CLEAN as the media is making him out to be. We heard that he’s very CLOSE with one of Basketball Wives star DRAYA’s swimsuit models.

We hope that ain’t true – cause his wife AYESHA is da homie. And we’d HATE to have to put his azz ON BLAST.”

What MediaTakeOut fails to note in their rumormongering is that the Golden State Warriors played the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday night in Los Angeles. And since Curry plays for the Warriors, it would make sense that he would be in LA with the rest of his team.

As for creeping with one of Draya’s swimsuit models, a source close to Curry says that sentence isn’t worth responding to.

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Over-Zealous Fan Interrupts Jenifer Lewis On The Red Carpet … And It’s Hilarious!



Jenifer Lewis is already a riot … but add a crazy circumstance plus an amped up fan and the interaction is pure gold.

While at the NAACP Image Awards HH chatted with the black-ish actress about her experience with racism in Hollywood. Lewis, who is a legend in La La Land, was giving us an animated answer about how she didn’t have time to worry about losing roles because of her skin color, that is until a fan excitedly interrupted her. Not once, but twice!

Ms. Lewis handled the situation like a pro — but also added a side of shade — and the whole encounter ended up being funny as h*ll!

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