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Amber Rose is coming for the folks over at RadarOnline who published a bogus story on Tuesday regarding Rose’s reality TV show. According to the gossip website, Amber canceled her planned show after she received a heartwarming phone call from nemesis, Kim Kardashian.

During the model’s “SlutWalk” earlier this month, MuvaRoseBud said she forgave her ex Kanye West (Kim’s husband) who slut shamed her during a radio interview. This, according to a source, apparently led to the following:

“Kim [spoke] to Amber Rose this past weekend. She wanted to let her know that she and Kanye both thought that it took a lot of courage to do what she did and that they are both ready to move on from the drama and start fresh.

Not long after, Amber Rose decided to pull the plug on her and Blac’s reality show,” the ‘source’ stated.

DaRealAmberRose was having none of the tea being brewed by the gossip outlet, quickly taking to Twitter to set the record straight.

And there you have your answer, folks … or rather, your question.

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