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That Was Quick! Keke Palmer To Star “Zola” Film?



Zola, the Twitter story that has everyone talking, is already being turned into a film starring Keke Palmer. The actress took to social media to confirm that she will play the main character, writing:

Earlier this week, a woman named Zola or Zolar, broke the Internet when she recounted traveling around Florida with a “White b*tch” she met at Hooters. Zola’s tale of murder, prostitution, stripping and gangs had folks on Twitter casting a film based on her outrageous story. Palmer noticed her name being mentioned and responded by letting folks she appreciated the love, but was just joking about starring in the film.

While Zola may not have an actress yet, it may have a director.

We’d love to see Ava DuVernay direct this story, but who do you think would be a good Zola? We like Keke or Zoe Kravitz.

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