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What is wrong with T.I.? That’s the question folks are pondering after the Atlanta rapper said he could never see himself voting for a woman to run the United States.

While discussing politics with DJ Whoo Kid of all people, Tip made this shocking admission, “I can’t vote for the leader of the free world to be a woman.”Whoo Kid referred to the former Secretary of State and New York Senator as “a big vagina.”

As you can imagine, T.I.’s POV was slammed by his followers who took to his social media accounts to @ him.

“I was true fan until i heard that you said you wouldn’t vote for a woman to run the country. Its incredibly i”gnorant and shows your capacity. ( as if women haven’t been leading as far back as 1500bce). Besides the fact that u can’t vote…. U are a cornball sir. Lost all respect,” one follower wrote.

“So disappointed in you. Millions of people said the same thing about a Black man running the country. Don’t be ignorant. #respectlost,” someone else wrote.

After being slammed for the comments, T.I. took to Twitter to save face:

Are you all buying the ATL star’s retraction? Also, do you agree with his initial comments? Would you ever vote for a woman to run the country? Let us know in the comments.

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