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According to Entertainment Tonight reports that Lamar Odom road to recovery is going well have been “grossly exaggerated.” In fact, a source tells ET that Lamar’s brain injuries are very serious.

“They wont know the extent of the damage for a few months. They need time for the brain swelling to go down,” the source revealed. “He’s a brain trauma victim and that is how they are treating him right now. As time goes on, he will need a voice therapist, a speech therapist and learn how to do certain motor skills again. But that all depends on the extent of the damage.
I don’t know cognitively what he’s able to say.”

Odom is recovering at a Los Angeles hospital after an apparent drug overdose at a Nevada brothel. As for earlier reports that the fallen NBA star chats with visitors and calls them his cell phone, ET’s source says nothing could be further from the truth. “The things leaking out to the media in the beginning were grossly exaggerated. He can speak, yes. But he’s not having conversations. He’s not operating like he was before this.”

The source adds that Khloe Kardashian’s decision to call off her divorce from Odom isn’t because she’s necessarily reconciling with him but because she’s the only one who can take care of him. “Khloe stopped the divorce from being finalized just so she can have power of attorney and make the medical decisions for him. Khloe is the one person Lamar has and anyone telling you otherwise is lying.”

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