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J’Leon Love Responds To Future, Blac Chyna Dating Rumors



Now that Blac Chyna has apparently taken up residency with Future, her former boxer boo J’Leon Love is being clowned on social media for losing his girl to the singer. Love is taking the high road though, posting a series of messages on Instagram that appear to address the controversy:

“I respect a hustle no matter what it is. I wasn’t always doing right to get mine, so who am I to judge? Worry about yourself and not the next male or female. Taking time to focus on what someone else is doing is only taking away from you getting yours. My message of the day.

Never been the type to move with a crowd. I have no beefs or problems with anyone so I don’t feel I have to. I live in my own world with only a few people inside of it. I really don’t speak unless I’m spoken to. I don’t watch TV unless it’s some reruns of Martin. When I get approached or come across fans of my craft that’s the greatest feeling ever besides seeing my mother happy.

Real sh*t, I just want to be great and make my mark while I’m on this earth. I could never discredit another or simply hate on someone. I want to see us all achieve what ever goal we set for ourselves. I want to shine together, it’s no fun when it’s just you.”

Future and Blac Chyna were first spotted together earlier this month on the set of his music video, and then again over the weekend getting cozy in Atlanta at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

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