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If You Loved “War Room”, Get Ready for “Woodlawn”



Just a few weeks after War Room was the number one film at the box office over Labor Day weekend … comes Woodlawn the faith-based film starring Sherri Shepherd, Jon Voight, Sean Aston and Caleb Castille.

HipHollywood hit the red carpet for the premiere in Los Angeles, and spoke with the cast and creators about the current success of faith-based films in Hollywood.

“It’s a good time to be a Christian in Hollywood,” said director Andy Erwin. “I think Hollywood is seeing there is an audience that values faith and values redemption that is underserved and they are craving really good content.”

Andy and his brother Jon wrote and directed the film, which recounts the true story of the 1974 Woodlawn High School football team in Birmingham Alabama, and how their faith and embrace of the Jesus movement impacted their entire school struggling to unite during integration.

“I really want it to make a difference in peoples lives,” said Sherri Shepherd. “This same thing is happening now that happened in the 70s, and we are missing a lot of love, and a lot of faith and people need that.”

In the film, Shepherd plays Momma Nathan, mother of the teams star player Touchdown Tony Nathan, played by newcomer Caleb Castille. But while Woodlawn was Castille’s first film, he was pretty familiar with football since he himself played for the University of Alabama for two years before deciding to pursue a career in acting … and he’s the son of former NFL star Jeremiah Castille.

“All the work that he has done, all the discipline that he has brought me up under, kind of paying off in this way … its been great, he’s excited,” explained Castille.

Woodlawn is in theaters October 16th.


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