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Happy Thursday, folks. Here’s a bit of good news. Chet Hanks is no longer putting up a fight to use the N-word. Looks like Heaven heard your prayers.

Just a few months ago the DJ, aka Chet Haze, was adamant that he should use the word whenever and wherever he wanted. He even went on a full rant about it.

But now, Tom Hanks’ off-spring is changing his tune. In a string of videos posted on his Instagram, Chet admitted that during that time he was selling and snorting cocaine. He has since been to rehabs and see things much clearer now. In reference to the N-word controversy he stated, “the truth is, it’s not my place to speak on that and I’m genuinely sorry for the people I offended.”

In his videos, Hanks sound like he’s on a solid road to recovery and is thankful for reconnecting with God on his journey. Good luck to him!

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