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B.o.B has confirmed that his courting of singer Sevyn Streeter is over. The rapper used Instagram to update the world on his relationship status.

“Bobby Rae is single. Bobby Rae is newly single,” he jokes in the vid. In the same video, he also alleges that he and a young woman he posted a photograph earlier this week made a deal for him to promote her jewelry line in exchange for sex. “Hell yeah Bobby Rae will promote your jewelry line if Bobby Rae is trying to smash. But don’t forget about the other half of that deal now. You still owe me … some sex … so let’s make it happen. Call me when you ready.”

The rapper then posted a video on Snapchat of himself with what appears to be two strippers bouncing their backsides in his face. B.o.B actions, which some say are him trying to cover up that he’s heartbroken, have been slammed by his fans who have flooded his comment section with corn emojis and their thoughts on his emo behavior:

“He disgusting … Never again will I support,” one fan wrote.

“So petty. Bye. He loosing followers by the minute. @Sevyn, you can do better. This punk a** corny AF,” another person commented.

“This n*gga acting like he auditioning for Keeping up with the Kardashians. Attention seeking [and] petty. Wow.”

What do you think of B.o.B’s behavior? Is he just a guy having fun with his new found single life, or is he trying to cover up a broken heart by acting out.

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Diddy Takes On Vogue’s ’73 Questions’ … 15 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About The Rapper



Diddy just took on Vogue’s ’73 Questions’ and unveiled some random facts we never knew! So here are 15 of the most interesting — aside from the fact he went by his pseudo moniker, Love.

Why’d you move to LA: For the kids, the family the weather.

Biggest strength: My belief in God.

Biggest weakness: Fried chicken.

One thing you need every morning: I need a hug.

Biggest inspiration: My mother.

Last movie to make you cry with laughter: Eddie Murphy, Delirious.

Favorite food: Soul food.

Favorite midnight snack: Apple pie and ice cream.

To kick off a party, what song do you play: Dougie Fresh and Slick Rick’s “The Show.”

Most lavish, over the top, outrageously extravagant decoration on display: The Declaration of Independence at one of my 4th of July parties.

Style Icons: Dapper Dan.

Favorite Grammy: Hip Hop Album of the Year, No Way Out. 

First musical memory: Seeing James Brown at the Apollo.

Hope for the future: That my people, African Americans, will get a chance to build some economic wealth to make some positive changes in our community so we can stop asking people for things … that my people just get a piece of mind.

True or false – He takes a bath every night: True.

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