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A Black student in Washington, DC was “assaulted” by two White police officers for being in the proximity of a bank where he had an account. The young man’s name is Jason Goolsby, and video taken of the incident has led to outrage in the nation’s capital.

Jason’s friend, @DaRealBigHomiee, says that they were approached by officers because “a white couple felt uncomfortable around me and my friend in the bank.”

In the shocking video, you can see an extremely aggressive officer bending the arm of the student while he tries to handcuff him. Jason can be heard repeatedly screaming, “I’m not resisting,” as another officer drives their knee into his back.

The video ends after another “thug in blue” approaches the man filming, shoves him, and then tells him to put his hands behind his back.

The DC police tweeted they were responding to a call regarding a “robbery fear,” which we guess means someone’s fear of being robbed.

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Khloe Kardashian Wants A Makeup Line Too … But Why?



It’s no secret that when it comes to the Kardashian clan, the family does not pass up a lucrative deal. Now, on the horizon for the already rich middle Kardashian, Khloe, she is diving into the makeup game.

Khloe is now the latest Kardashian/Jenner sister to kick start a cosmetics line. Apparently, the reality star and expecting mother trademarked paperwork for “KOKO Kollection by Khloé Kardashian” and “KOKO Kollection.” Per the report, “her application covers a broad range of makeup merch.”

The chatter comes just days after reports surfaced that Kourtney Kardashian also trademarked makeup lines “Kourt” and “2Die4Kourt.” Yes, folks; this means Kim, Kylie, Kourtney AND Khloe will have makeup products available for purchase.

It’s one thing for Kim and Kylie to jump head first into the cosmetics game, after all, makeup and beauty has been their brand for years. But Kourtney doesn’t strike us as a cosmetics girl, rather, an interior designer. Maybe she should jump into the decor world. But we digress.

As for Khloe we ask, simply: WHY? What more can or will she do that hasn’t already been done? Is makeup a large part of her brand? No, but it is a pay check.

It’s unclear when the soon-to-be-mom plans on launching the line, but our guess is not in the upcoming months; for she is due this Spring.

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