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Childish Gambino Booed Off Stage After Brutal Performance



Childish Gambino was booed off a stage in Australia after putting on what’s being described as horrible show. The artist was performing at the Cambridge Hotel when fans let them know they were far from pleased with his brand of entertainment.

Childish reportedly fooled around on stage with his friends for over 40-minutes before he actually began rapping.

The venue has also apologized for Donald Glover’s poor performance, writing on Facebook:

“To everyone who came to see Childish Gambino show last night we are as disappointed as all of you.

We had the opportunity to present Childish Gambino to Newcastle in an intimate gig and we jumped at the chance as we aim to bring the best possible acts to Newcastle for music lovers. As seen last night, unfortunately we have no control over the acts performance once on stage.

For those that aren’t aware, Canberra and ourselves were 2 additional Childish Gambino shows that were promoted in the exact same way as part of his current tour and we were extremely excited to be presented with this opportunity.

Subsequently he didn’t deliver on what was billed and expected by everyone, including us.”

Yikes! You can watch footage of the performance below. While it does not show the singer being booed, the caption paints a picture of how fans felt about the show.

At least he did one song… #childishgambino

A video posted by Sam McIntosh (@mr.sam.mac) on

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