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Keke Palmer may not be screaming in this video, but she sure does look like a queen.

The Scream Queens star released a behind the scenes clip via her YouTube channel on Thursday of her new video “I Don’t Belong To You.”

In the clip, Palmer can be seen expressing her vision for the visual to the production crew, which the 21-year-old later says this is the first time she’s been so involved. “This is my first music video in the long time,” she said. “When I did other stuff before, I was just letting people tell me what to do. I wasn’t having a real input or idea on what I wanted it to be like.”

She continued, “I think maybe because I didn’t grow into understanding who even I was. So it’s very hard for me to have the confidence to tell somebody else what I want to show myself as. Then I got so tired of other people articulating it for me that I found out a damn way to say it myself because I knew that was the only way I was going to get it to be said.”

The video shows a much more mature Palmer, showing off her bod in a bikini while singing about not belonging to someone.

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