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Why Chris Brown Is Slamming TMZ Again



Chris Brown is not happy with TMZ and he is making it very clear on social media.

The singer used the social networking platform to question the gossip website’s latest story about his show in Concord on Saturday night.

According to the news outlet, Breezy had more security than usual at his concert in Northern California because he attracts a certain “type of crowd.” You might remember, earlier this year, there was a shooting during the pop star’s show in San Jose that left five people injured.

Law enforcement told the gossip website that there “were 40 cops patrolling the Concord Pavilion to ensure calm, along with 20 security guards from the venue.”

Brown took to Instagram and slammed the outlet in a seemingly sarcastic way, writing:

TMZ clearly got wind of Breezy’s message because on Monday morning, they posted a story about Brown being an amazing Dad.

Earlier this month, the singer dissed TMZ creator, Harvey, for suggesting that he was a no show at a gay pride event in Atlanta and that the outlet doesn’t report on “real issues.”

“Yall gotta stop with this bullsh*t. I was never booked,” he wrote in a lengthy post. “Yall love to say I’m homophobic and sh*t to have something to be mad at. I don’t care that you are gay Harvey. I applaud you and a person of your caliber should be finding outlets for young gay men/teens and women to be more open and comfortable about coming out.”

He added, “Some of my friends have came out to me and I love them just the same. It would really be a blessing if u focused on real issues. But all these false stories to bring your site traffic is corny. But find another person to drag through the mud of lies. I know I’m talented but I’m not running for president any time soon so fall back wit all the nonsense.”

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