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Nate Parker, Tessa Thompson Speak Out About Human Rights At Blackout Festival



Whether it’s a conversation about human rights and injustices in America or a debate about where people of diversity stand in film and television, actors Tessa Thompson and Nate Parker have no problem speaking out … and they’re not alone.



Thompson (Dear White People) and Parker (Beyond the Lights) sat alongside ET’s Kevin Frazier and a handful of filmmakers and executives over the weekend for the first annual Blackout for Human Rights Festival to talk about their experiences getting black stories told on the big and or small screen.

“Sure, there are Black women that are like Cookie Lyon but there are also Black women that are like Björk and where do they exist in media,” Thompson told HipHollywood. “So just trying to find all of the variations that exist in our story and also Hollywood can be a space where we talk about recycled stories a lot. I’m interested in what’s new and what’s fresh.”



During the incredibly informative and entraining hour long panel, Nate expressed his concern with not having the blatant opportunity to play roles such as Spiderman or Superman. “We are not human enough to be ‘oh he has the capacity as a regular person to play this person that we’ve imagine as a super person’ We are still fighting for regular humanity,” Parker argued.

The actor, who recently wrapped up his film about Nat Turner, The Birth of a Nation, added after the discussion that “I’m happier to have played Nat Turner more so than if I were to be offered Batman or Spiderman or anything. Because to me, he is more of a hero because he is real and he existed and he stood for our people.”

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