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Meek Mill Threatens Fan Holding Up Drake Sign



The mere mention of Drake’s name still rubs Meek Mill the wrong way and he made that very clear during his show in Brooklyn on Monday night.

During Meek’s performance at the Fool’s Gold Day Off festival, the rapper practically cursed out a fan that was holding up a Drake sign. Meek completely stopped the show and yelled out, “Put that Drake sign up again n*gga. The f**k you talking about you f**king clown!”

He continued, “Don’t ever come in here f*cking playing with no Meek Milli trying to pick on me like I’m a f*cking dweeb or something.”

Who knew that all these weeks later the recent Drake beef would still be a sore subject for the Philly rapper.

Last month, Meek and Drake were the center of the a huge rap war after a Mill suggested on social media that the Canadian rapper doesn’t write his own raps. From diss songs to Twitter disses, the two were fully going at it. But while it seems as though Drake has left the past behind, Meek is still stewing over the disagreement.

Click to hear the rapper’s diss tracks.

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