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Clearly Iggy Azalea is irritated by TI’s recent comments about their relationship and that he had to take a “rest stop” from their business dealings. Yesterday we chronicled Iggy’s bumpy past and why TI could have become frustrated with the Rapper, but before she gets her panties all in a bunch, lets take you back to an interesting exchange that might explain all the tensions. Sure the two Rappers seem to be joking, but we now realize that their jokes are painted with lots of truth. Listen Closely!

Clearly from the start Iggy has been a handful, a lucrative handful, but none the less a bit of a pain in TI’s tiny little behind. So whats next for Iggy, well her canceled concert tour and pending marriage could also be fueling TI’s decision to finally go public with his feelings about their relationship. Remember Iggy’s about to marry a man who is in just the second year of a four year, twenty-one million dollar contract with the Lakers. Money ain’t an issue for the Fancy rapper. So when TI mentioned in the radio interview that there is a lot going on in Iggy’s life it seemed like it he was referring to her life outside of music. The comments that started the whole damn ruckus are on the next page.

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‘Annihilation’s’ Leading Ladies Use Intense Military Training As Bonding Experience



Annihilation is one hell of a visually stunning sci-fi film with five female leads on an expedition to uncover the mysterious phenomenon that is expanding across the American coastline.

For Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson and Gina Rodriguez, the film, which also lends a voice to what is being called the year of the woman, dressing in head to toe military gear and going through tactical training was a bonding experience.

“”t was really fun. It’s weird to say that. But to have all these women in military training together, where we had to do these exercises … it was a great bonding experience with each other.” Portman told us.

And although the women had the opportunity to use real guns, firearms is not something the ladies of Hollywood advocate. “I’m anti gun to be honest,” Rodriguez said. “I say no guns. There’s no reason for people to have guns especially when you have these,” she said while holding up her firsts.

This past week Gina has been very vocal via social media about gun legislation and the idea behind policy and change following the tragic high school massacre an Parkland, Florida.
Annihilation, also starring Oscar Isaac, hits theaters on February 23.
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