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Gabrielle Union: You Can’t Have A Career & A Family



Can women have a career and raise a family? According to Gabrielle Union, the answer is “not really.” The actress just revealed in an interview with Redbook that her professional life is the reason she has not had kids.

Union, who is married to NBA star Dwyane Wade, says her decision hasn’t been well received, and that’s typically the case for others in her shoes. “There’s a certain amount of shame that is placed on women who have perhaps chosen a career over starting a family younger,” she told the magazine. “The penance for being a career woman is barrenness. You feel like you’re wearing a scarlet letter.”

The actress, who is already a stepmother to her husband’s three children, goes on to discuss how being pregnant is viewed negatively in many workplaces. “As much as there are strides being made — you get pregnant, your career takes a hit,” she said. “You can’t have a bad day. Don’t you dare cry at work. Don’t raise your voice. Especially if you’re a black woman in corporate America — now you’re ‘the angry black woman.'”

But there are certainly Black women who have had successful careers while raising a family. Michelle Obama, Jade Pinkett Smith and Halle Berry come to mind.

Still, what’s your take on Union’s comments? Can you be a mother and have a successful career? And have you witnessed or encountered any negative experiences in the workplace when it comes to pregnancy?

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