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Whether it’s a clothing line or a brand of alcohol, there are a slew of celebrities who have become incredibly rich off of their own personal businesses or products. And for Jessica Alba, it’s her corporation, The Honest Company.

On Wednesday, Alba launched a new line under the billion dollar company called Honest Beauty and our guess … it will be very successful. Honest Beauty is a natural skincare and makeup line that was also created with women of color in mind. “It really is like seriously a labor of love and I really wanted to launch a company that celebrates diverse beauty,” Alba said.

She added, “As a woman of color I just felt like we need to be represented in all the different shades that we are and we need to be celebrated and so we have a beautiful range of products that look great on everybody’s skin tone.”

So in light of Alba’s launch, here are five other Hollywood power players who have built a fortune by simply being entrepreneurs.

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5. Magic Johnson – $5 million: Retired American professional basketball player Magic Johnson garnered a whopping $100 million after selling 105 Starbucks franchises and his 4.5 % stake in the Los Angeles Lakers. Johnson, who is now the part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, has also tapped into insurance, food services and healthcare.

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