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On Thursday morning, it was reported that activists in Australia are trying to ban Chris Brown’s entry into their country in December because of his violent past. But according to Breezy, he will hit the stage later this year with bells and whistles on.

The singer spoke out via Instagram and slammed a specific headline that read: “Chris Brown: Australian Officials Want To Deny Entry He Lacks Character.” The singer wrote that the story is “false and I’ll be in Australia in December.”

He went on to write, “To all the fans, don’t listen or be discouraged to buy tickets.”

As previously reported, activists don’t want Breezy in their country because of his 2009 attack on then girlfriend, Rihanna.

Activists state in an online petition that they are “speaking out against Chris Brown because his casual visit our country would have enormous symbolic significance, which will only be amplified by our silence. By turning a blind eye to his tour, we send a message to survivors of family violence that it’s not that important and that you should just get over it. “

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. madkeyra

    September 25, 2015 at 10:08 AM

    These activist and politicians just want another taking point to send out post cards and emails begging for money as if preventing Chris Brown from Australia helped their cause. If they can stop the violence that will help their cause incredibly but their not god. So they do things to pretend that their doing something. Who really looses are the businesses and the small moms and pop shops that could have made a profit from these big events. So people don’t let them play you. It’s free publicity and advertisement for begging people that isn’t going to serve anybody but them in the long run and nobody else.

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