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Shaun King’s Wife Says Her Activist Husband Is “No Rachel Dolezal”



Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King has been making headlines following a conservative blog’s article alleging he is White, not Black/biracial.

King posted a series of tweets on Thursday morning disproving the article’s allegations. And now, his wife, Rai King, is stepping in to defend her husband. The mother of five revealed in a lengthy post that King is a “flawed and imperfect man” but has never lied about his race.

“His story is beautifully difficult, and painful. And I’ve actually encouraged him to tell it publicly because it is a unique expression of this country’s sordid and ridiculous history with race,” she wrote on Facebook. “But it’s his story to tell. On his own terms. When he’s ready to tell it. Out of respect for his mother, and all involved, I hope he continues to let the talking heads talk while he does the real work of holding judicial systems accountable for the 742 women and men they’ve gunned down this year alone.”

After the article hit the web, folks instantly compared Shaun’s story to that of Rachel Dolezal, the former White NAACP chapter president from Spokane, Washington who identifies as Black. But Rai says, hold on, lets not compare.

“Just know this, there is nothing fake about Shaun King. He’s no Rachel Dolezal,” she wrote. “What’s white about him is white, and what’s Black about him is Black and always has been from the time he was a child. There’s no spray tan, no fake Black hairstyles, no attempt to make himself appear any more ethnic than he already does.”

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