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Real or Fake? CoCo’s Booty Gets Put To The Test!



In this day and age, it’s getting pretty hard to tell the real from the fake. With implants, fat transfers and fillers, you can enhance any body part you want and many folks are none the wiser. And it’s that fact that brings us to CoCo’s bountiful booty.

The derriere of Ice T’s wife has been called into question several times. As a white girl, it’s sometimes hard to believe that all of CoCo’s curves are really real (#factsonly), but just because she’s white doesn’t mean they aren’t.

The newly minted talk show host and mommy-to-be is finally fed up with the rumors surrounding her rump and decided to let a professional man-handle her backside in an effort to prove its authenticity — And yes, her husband Ice was there for the whole thing.

So, what was the final verdict? Watch the video below to see if the doctor determined her booty was real or fake.

Now, if we could just get Khloe Kardashian to take this test … nevermmind.

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