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In an effort to shut down plastic surgery rumors, Kylie Jenner revealed her butt/boob enhancing secret.

No, little KJ hasn’t gone under the knife, more like under the cream. According to her Instagram, she has plumped her booty and breast by rubbing “Pure Leef” all over it and people are not too happy about her “product placement”. In a picture showing off her fuller assets, the youngest Jenner kid proudly displays her broader bottom for the world to see. Kylie, who has admitted to having temporary lip fillers, also says the cream “stimulates fat cells” and contains all natural ingredients, which is “important” to her (lol).

As you may remember, Kylie doesn’t turn 18 until August 10th, so there are some people who think her racy IG post are just too much. In her defense, weren’t we all a little inappropriate at 17 1/2? No? Just us? Oh, ok.

Sidenote: The “Pure Leef” company, who doesn’t promote their product for those under 18 years old, says they didn’t pay Kylie for an endorsement. She posted that all on her own.

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