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There is already serious buzz about Will Smith’s upcoming film Concussion … And it’s not just based around Smith’s undeniable on screen presence.

In the film, the Philly native plays the role of neuropathologist Bennet Omalu, the man studied brain trauma as a factor in deaths of NFL players and who discovered chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a disease caused by repetitive brain injury.

In the trailer, Smith can be seen fighting to reveal the truth as he discovers findings relating to the deaths of football players. “If they continue to deny my work, men continue to die,” the actor says.

The release of the near two minute clip has already opened conversation about how the NFL might react to the drama. Will the world now see what the league has possibly been hiding for so long?

Concussion is set to hit theaters this Christmas.

Check out the intense trailer below:

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Meek Mill, Oprah & More: ‘Game Night’ Cast Reveal Who They’d Want To Play Games With



If you love a good game night then you’re probably going to love the new comedy-crime flick Game Night hitting theaters Feb. 23.
Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams take fun and games to new heights playing a couple whose competitive gamenight gatherings become the setting of a murder mystery when things take an unexpected turn. Their game night crew consists of two pair of couples played by Lamorne Morris and Kylie Bunberry and Billy Magnussen and Sharon Horgan. The antics are pretty hilarious, and we could totally see ourselves attending a game night with them in real life.
So, we had to ask the cast if they were hosting a Game Night what celebs would they want to invite over. Their answers are heeeeeelarious. Apparently Lamorne Morris is super competitive and thinks he can beat LeBron James at any board game, Kylie Bunberry wants to play with Meek Mill (in jail or not) and Billy Magnussen thinks he can take Oprah down.
Don’t believe us just watch!
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