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Here’s The Video That Proves Drake Is Sprung!



When TMZ posted the now infamous string of shots of Drake and Serena Williams getting all cuddly in a Cincinnati eatery the internet went a little crazy. But now, there’s video and judging by the giddy, “I’m so in love look” on both Aubrey and Serena’s faces, romance is in the air.

After winning the title WTA tournament in Cincinnati Sunday, the worlds number 1 player got a little “Energy” boost from the rapper who was in the stands for the match.
Earlier in this month Serena told reporters that Drake was strictly a friend and that he was like family. Well apparently, he’s a kissing cousin, because pictures don’t lie … the two were clearly locking lips in the TMZ photos.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 8.47.09 AM

It’s interesting that the duo has taken their “relationship” public because their hook up was at the center of the rift between Common and Drake. Common admitted in an interview that there was a real life love triangle going on with Serena, Drake and the Chicago Rapper and that caused major tension between the two Hip Hop giants.

The more important question is will Drake’s presence help or hurt Serena as she makes a run at history in her attempt to win tennis’ magical Grand Slam. If Serena wins the US Open next month she will do something that only 3 other women have ever accomplished. This would solidify Serena’s place as the greatest female tennis player of all time … thats if this romance with Drake doesn’t get in the way.

What do y’all think: Is this “thing” with Drake good or bad for Serena’s quest?




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