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Busta Rhymes Threatens To Slap A Fan?



Oh Bussa Buss, violence is never the answer!

Apparently, Busta Rhymes is on a world tour of whooping a**. Just a week after the rapper allegedly threw a Muscle Milk at someone during an argument, the rapper is now facing accusations of threatening to slap a fan.

According to TMZ, during the 2015 BET Awards Kim Simpson and her friend were getting their lives and accidentally bumped into Buss while dancing. Rhymes caught an attitude an allegedly warning that if it happened again he would, “…bite you and not that kinda bite.” A bit later the girls were in fan mode and tried to snap a pick with Flavor of Love star Deelishis and somehow Busta was caught in the crosshairs. According to Simpson, the “Touch It” rapper stated, “Don’t make me slap you”, then charged after them, but luckily security stepped in the way.

Subsequently, Kim has now filed a police report and cops want to question Busta Rhymes.

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