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Beyonce stans rejoice! According a United Kingdom shoe designer, King Bey is working on a new music video. Perhaps speaking out of turn, Chris Shellis, owner of House of Borgezie, revealed that Bey recently purchased a pair of $217,000 for an upcoming visual project.

“I’ve been told the stilettos are for her next video which should be out in the autumn,” he explained in an interview with the BirminghamMail. The House of Borgezie Princess Constellation stilettos are covered in 1,290 precious stones, which definitely helps justify the hefty price tag.

“If you want someone to model your creations, you can’t get any better than Beyonce,” Chris continued.

And FYI, if you’re planning on picking up a pair, you should know that they come with a lifetime guarantee. Looks like stunting continues well into your eighties.

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