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Chris Brown’s aunt took to Instagram on Monday evening to shame Wendy Williams for making “false” comments about last week’s egregious robbery at Breezy’s home.

As previously reported, three men ransacked Brown’s Tarzana mansion while the singer’s aunt, Christine was home alone. According to law enforcement, Christine heard noises coming from outside so she opened the front door and that is when she was confronted by the suspects carrying handguns. Christine was then tied up and locked inside a closet.

During Wendy’s Hot Topics segment on Monday, the talk show host suggested that Christine was probably “involved” and is a “young aunt doing it big in the club.” Williams then questioned Christine’s decision to open the front door. “Who does that,” she said.

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In response, Brown’s aunt fired off this message:

“Look Miss Wendy, before reporting your stories get your facts straight!!! First of all I’m not young just well kept by myself and I don’t club!!! I never heard anything outside and I’m a country girl and would never open a door in LA where I’m not familiar!!! I was actually asleep when I was assaulted!! So please don’t plaster my photos and make false reports and add insult to my situation that’s already hard enough and I find nothing funny about what happened here @wendyshow.”

Brown has remained mum about the incident, but there are reports claiming that investigators believe the culprits are some of Breezy’s friends. The singer’s mother also hinted the day of the crime that it might be someone close to her son.

“WATCH WHO YOU STANDING BESIDE,” mama Joyce Hawkins tweeted.

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