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Uh Oh! Nikki Mudarris Goes HAM In Mally Mall’s Home



It was all good just a week ago. Literally, we JUST talked to Mally Mall last week at the BET Awards and he said his relationship with Nikki Mudarris was all good. Well, now it’s alllll bad!

The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood stars got into an epic fight Tuesday night and now their love affair is over … again. According to TMZ, Nikki stopped by Mally’s Beverly Hills home and went absolutely crazy, smashing over $30,000 worth of china that she says she bought. Mudarris refused to leave the home and things got so crazy the cops were called.

When police arrived around 11pm, Nik chilled out and, because Mall didn’t want to press charges, the police just escorted his ex off the premises. And get this, the whole fight apparently started over Mally breaking Nikki’s custom iPhone 6 case days earlier in a jealous rage.

This nuclear meltdown is in stark contrast to what Mally Mall told us last week. “It’s really real,” the record producer stated. “The show can be harsh on relationships, but if you can withstand it that means it’s real”.

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