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This Makeup Artist Transmutes Into 4 Kardashians In 2 Minutes



No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, makeup artist Kandee Johnson is just that good.

In a video we just had to show you, Johnson turns herself into four members of the Kardashian family in just two minutes. In the viral clip, Johnson uses makeup products and wigs to achieve each look and it is absolutely brilliant.

She first started with Kylie by putting on a blue wig and lining her lips to perfection. Following that, the artist tackled the Kardashian matriarch, momager Kris Jenner. It is amazing what a short pixie cut and contouring can do.

Kandee then goes back to a clean slate and starts fresh, taking on Kanye West’s wife, Kim. And lastly, a light colored wig and plump lips instantly helps Kandee turn into Khloe.

We promise, this is worth 2 minutes of your day. Enjoy!

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