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Have you tried asking Siri how tall Bruce Jenner is? Or what Bruce’s real name is? If you do, you’ll find your iPhone’s AI will correct you and refer to Bruce as Caitlyn Jenner. If you ask Siri who is Caityln Jenner, her response is a little more witty. “Interesting question,” she replies without offering an answer.

At least Siri is finally good for entertaining us again because she isn’t good for much else.




Janet Jackson Facetimed Teyana Taylor And It Was Epic … This Is How It Went Down!



Dreams do come true, just ask Teyana Taylor.

Everyone knows that TT is the biggest Janet Jackson fan on the planet. She even mimicked her 1995 VMAs look at this year’s show.


But we digress…

Taylor was on her way to see Jackson’s “State Of The World” tour when her flight got delayed and she missed the show. Naturally, she took to Twitter to express her disappointment.

And that’s when the most marvelous thing happened. Janet got wind of Teyana’s tweet and hit her up directly. Do y’all understand, JANET JACKSON FACETIMED TEYANA TAYLOR. This moments deserves all caps.

And of course, TT told Twitter about it.

Then, Ms. Nasty herself posted a photo just so we’d have receipts!

When they meet in person Teyana may pass out.

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