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Ugh, these two. If you’re looking for an ewww-inducing video then look no further.

Nicki Minaj takes her love for Meek Mill to a whole ‘nother level as she licks, kisses, rubs and caresses her boo throughout the “All Eyes on You” video. The handsy couple flaunt their relationship for the cameras while rapping their versus, plus Chris Brown pops up occasionally to sing the hook.

Outside of Nicki straddling Meek and Meek repeatedly grabbing her butt, there’s not much more happening in the vid. If you’re curious take a look.

WATCH: The official video to "All Eyes On You" featuring Nicki Minaj Chris Brown and of course yours truly!! #AllEyesOnYou

Posted by Meek Mill on Monday, July 27, 2015

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