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This has been one crazy year for Lil Wayne!

To add to the list of unfortunate events for the rapper, Tuesday morning he was kicked off of a flight for allegedly trying to get high. Before he could he reach cloud nine, the pilot turned the private jet around and asked him and his entourage to get off of the plane.

According to TMZ, Weezy had asked the pilot before takeoff if he and his posse could smoke during the flight, but of course the pilot said no! 17 minutes later, the pilot smelled the reefer and was not having it; dropping them back off at the Ft. Lauderdale airport. Exiting the plane, Wayne also was caught with a double cup in his hand filled with alleged pinkish-purplish muddy water aka Sizzurp.

Apparently, he still has not learned his lesson from 2013 when he had seizures from drinking this deadly mix.

Wayne’s camp however denies these allegations and says their flight was interrupted because of mechanical problems. We have reached out to members of Wayne’s camp and have yet to hear back from them.


The Real Reason Jason Derulo Is Out Here Teaching Zumba Class



Jason Derulo popped up at an L.A. Zumba class Tuesday night but he wasn’t there to take the class … he was there to teach it.

According to Forbes, Derulo has partnered with Zumba, who will be offering exclusive classes featuring choreography to his hit song “Tip-Toe” featuring French Montana.

To kick things off the 28-year-old showed up unannounced at Beat Box Studio LA to teach a few routines, and as you could imagine everyone was mad hype.

Perez Hilton and Youtube Fitness star Caleb Mitchell were amongst the 80 folks taking the class, which also included instructors and members of the University of Southern California dance team.

“What I love most about Zumba is that they make exercising fun and make it accessible to everyone all over the world. It’s a movement,” Derulo said. “They get great global rhythms and pair it with a routine everyone can do that will give you a total body workout that feels more like party than exercise. I admire that because you don’t typically associate dancing with working out and that’s the beauty of it.”


No word on if Derulo will be popping up at more classes, but if he does now you won’t be surprised.


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